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Top 10 London Museum & Gallery Links

1. British Museum - an astounding seven million artifacts from two million years of human cultural history housed in the permanent collection and visitors get to see it all in one place.
2. Victoria & Albert Museum - world’s greatest collection from every medium of furnishings, textiles, and other forms of decorative art covering a span of several thousand years of historical objects.
Science Museum - collections and exhibits of scientific and technological inventions displayed on seven floors. The Museum has over 200,000 objects ranging from the Apollo 10 spacecraft to a 1926 Moroccan plow. There is an IMAX 3D Cinema besides many interactive hands-on displays for learning.
4. National Gallery - leading London museum of art with over 2,300 masterpieces of Western European paintings from the 13th to 19th centuries. There are audio tours and printed trails to aid in visiting this enormous collection of works from van Gogh, Michelangelo, Turner, Monet, and many more.
National Portrait Gallery - the Primary Collection consists of 11,000 portraits of famous British men and women using medias of painting, photography, sculptures, miniatures, and more.
Tate Modern - contemporary and mondo bizzaro. Renovated power facility with galleries as strange as much of the art. Collection is from 1900 on, including Picasso, Braque, Lichtenstein with revolving exhibits featuring Warhol and currently Miro.
7. Tate Britain - largest display of British art from the 1500s to the present. Special focus on three renowned British painters - Blake, Constable and Turner, whose collection is housed separately in the Clore Gallery.
8. Natural History Museum - most important and largest collection of natural history in the world housed in one of the most distinctive buildings in London. The Museum has 70 million specimens that cover almost all groups of animals, plants, minerals, and fossils.
9. Imperial War Museum - dedicated to recording stories and contributions of Britain and the Commonwealth in world conflicts. From the First World War to the present the Museum houses art and archives as well as conducts ongoing research.
10. Shakespeare's Globe Exhibition - traditional crafts and modern technology show medieval London of Shakespeare.The Exhibition demonstrates how plays were staged, costumes made. Recordings and live demonstrations of productions, sword-fighting, and other aspects of Elizabethan stagecraft.

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